A Message from the President

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Dear Colleagues,

The National Alliance began as a request by a small group of independent agents in Texas. It has grown to become the nation's leading professional insurance and risk management education resource. From the inception of the very first CIC institute, conducted in 1969 in Austin, Texas, we have had two very simple goals:
•  To provide excellent programs of practical value to the best insurance and risk management practitioners, and
•  To continually work to bring greater recognition and value to their achievements.

For almost five decades, The National Alliance has set the standard for quality continuing education and for delivering what insurance and risk management practitioners want. We now provide special resources to new students of our industry from new hires to veterans and their families, as well as university students of insurance or risk management. Over 133,000 respected professionals have used and continued to use our programs as the foundation upon which they have built their successful careers and businesses.

These professionals are unique - they work for success and honestly strive to meet their goals. They know that no one will do business with them just because they need the business - they must provide value. The programs and designations offered by The National Alliance present a clear picture of value to clients, colleagues, and co-workers. The Knowledge Alliance, our online resource available to all, provides continually current articles, podcasts, and interviews.

Our world is moving at a fast pace and cycle times are getting shorter, but we are now better prepared than at any time in the past. We remain calm, focused, and relentless in our commitment to bring value to you. We don't stand above or in front of you - we stand with you. When you face challenges, we're the place you can come to obtain the support you need. The National Alliance is an alliance of purpose, of mind, and of spirit. It is our pledge to make the CIC, CRM, CPRM, CISR, and CSRM experiences ones that propel you to even greater success.



William T. Hold, Ph.D., CIC, CPCU, CLU
President, The National Alliance 

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