Standards of Conduct

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The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research exists to promote professional excellence and improve professional standards through comprehensive education in the insurance and risk management industries. With these goals in mind, The National Alliance offers and develops programs that teach understanding and analysis of complex insurance contracts and risk management techniques through several series of courses.

Participants who pass each respective series of challenging exams earn prestigious designations and secure the right to use those designations with pride and proper conduct.

The National Alliance, through the Board of Governors, has exclusive authority to determine who may use its trademarked designations. The Board of Governors grants individuals permission to use these designations based upon their agreement to abide by certain terms and conditions specified by the Board of Governors, including those stated in this policy.

As a part of the designation process and the terms and conditions imposed upon designees and participants, the Board of Governors requires professional standards necessary for competency, which include currency and awareness of ever-present changes. Thus, for retention of all current designations, The National Alliance through the Board of Governors requires the fulfillment of continuing education requirements.

Furthermore, The National Alliance upholds the principles of legal, ethical, and moral practices in fields where professionals are responsible for the financial well-being of individuals and corporations. These principles form the basis for the Board of Governors Rules of Conduct, which establish a level of professionalism required of all designees to maintain all current designations.

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