New Initiative Helps Soldiers and Family Members Find Jobs in Insurance and Risk Management

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New Initiative Helps Soldiers
and Family Members Find Jobs
in Insurance and Risk Management


AUSTIN, TX, February 21, 2013 – The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research is leading an effort to present insurance and risk management career opportunities to those individuals and their families who have served our country. This unique initiative, Careers for Life, involves The National Alliance, thirty-eight of the leading insurance agents associations in America, Florida State University and leading insurance carriers nationwide, who jointly recognize the capability and intrinsic value that Veterans can bring to an organization.

Careers for Life focuses on the recruitment, training and hiring for lifetime careers in the Insurance and Risk Management community. The training schedule is ideal for soldiers, veterans and their spouses. Initially, a significant element of the initiative will be done collaboratively with the following organizations:

  • The National Alliance’s Center for Career Advancement (CCA)
  • The U.S. Army’s Soldier for Life Office, the National Guard Bureau, the U.S. Army Reserve, Kansas Veterans Initiative, U.S. Department of Defense’s Office of Warrior Care Policy, and other related programs
  • The Florida State University College of Business through the Dr. William T. Hold/National Alliance Program in Risk Management and Insurance
  • The Florida State University Veterans Legacy Complex

This initiative provides many benefits to our veterans, their families, and our industry as a whole. A few of the benefits of Careers for Life are:

  • Brings new, qualified leaders into the Insurance and Risk Management industries
  • Assists people in your state and local communities
  • Coordinated with the U.S. Army’s Soldier for Life Office and related programs
  • Provides Soldiers with the financial support to take CIC, CRM, and CISR courses prior to and after retirement from the military
  • Insurance companies and related organizations will be participating

“The men and women that have served in our military are the ‘cream of the crop’ and we want these leaders working in the RMI industry and the Careers for Life initiative will get this accomplished,” said Dr. William T. Hold, President and co-founder of The National Alliance.

Making this initiative into a reality requires only two broad courses of action: provide existing education and training as well as employment opportunities for these individuals. The goal of improving the industry will be successful because of the leadership in the agent community.

For further information, contact The National Alliance, P.O. Box 27027, Austin, Texas 78755-2027; 800-633-2165;

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