The National Alliance Webinars: A Monthly Free Webinar Series

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The National Alliance conducts monthly webinars that are hosted by qualified National Faculty Members. The webinars are approximately an hour long and are live, so each speaker will be available to answer questions during the webinar. Participants are invited to explore current topics of interest in insurance and risk management—at no cost.  The remaining webinars for 2015 are previewed below:

Social Security Maximization
October 6, 2015, 12:30 PM CDT
Speaker: Dennis D. Stone, CIC, CPCU, CLU
When and how to claim Social Security Benefits is one of the most important retirement decisions anyone will make. This free webinar will introduce methods to maximize your retirement income! You’ll learn:

  • How your current employment affects your benefits
  • When does it make sense to delay benefits
  • How a wrong Social Security decision can cost money
  • Strategies to increase your income
  • Mistakes to avoid

Protecting Children from Evolving Risks in Schools
November 4, 2015, 12:30 PM CDT
Speaker: J. Stephen Deig, CSRM, CPSI

Expensive lawsuits filed by individuals who claim that schools or school personnel were negligent are increasing in areas related to school athletics, bus accidents, and sexual misconduct and abuse. Legal immunity at the state level does not provide protection when lawsuits are filed for violations of federal statutes. Learn how to protect your schools and school clients! Find answers to these questions:

  • What can you do to prevent injuries and accidents
  • How can losses best be mitigated
  • What are the best practices and recommendations

Business Auto Exposures and Coverages

November 18, 2015, 12:30 PM CDT
Speaker: John M. Dismukes, Jr., CIC, CPCU, AAI, AIS

This webinar will focus on who is an insured or (more importantly) who is not an insured under the ISO Business Auto Policy. It will also focus on the major auto symbols in the ISO BAP that determine what auto is covered.

Two of the leading causes of E&O claims against agents are:

  • Someone driving an auto and that someone is not an insured under that policy.
  • Someone driving a vehicle that is not covered.

We will also explore several recommended endorsements to solve these issues.

Veterans Make Great Employees - Interviewing Tips

December 8, 2015, 12:30 PM CDT
Speaker: Gary L. Bryant, LTC, US Army (Ret)
This 1 hour free webinar will focus on the tips for effectively interviewing veterans for civilian careers including::

  • Most effective interview styles with military candidates
  • Techniques to help correlate military experience with job functions and skill requirements
  • How to engage the candidate in conversation
  • Ways to communicate job responsibilities effectively

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