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  1. Executive Liability Insurance

    Executive Liability Insurance

    (Also available as eBook)
    Executive Liability Insurance is a guidebook that thoroughly explains the exposure and coverage issues. The book is written by Richard (Dick) Clarke, CIC, CPCU, RPLU, a leading expert... Read More

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  2. Insurance Essentials 9th Edition

    NEW! Insurance Essentials 9th Edition

    (Also available as eBook)
    Property and Casualty Insurance Essentials is a comprehensive guide that teaches the basics of property and casualty insurance. This guide supplies you with basic knowledge, yet it covers a wide breadth of information... Read More

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  3. Net Income Risk Management

    Net Income Risk Management

    (Also available as eBook)
    Net Income Risk Management examines the areas of net income exposures that are difficult to handle. Net income exposures are caused by the loss of use of property or loss of a key employee, and... Read More

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