Agency Disaster Planning: Get Your Agency Ready!

Agency Disaster Planning: Get Your Agency Ready!

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Develop a new disaster plan or improve an existing one to handle any type of disaster. Read about the 15 personal disaster interview stories of people who endured disasters in their agencies and communities. An expert panel provides tips and suggestions for comprehensive planning, being aware of both natural and manmade disasters. A CD is included with all the checklists, forms, worksheets, and letters that should be part of any disaster guide. The statistical results and analysis focus on agency employees, contents and equipment, the office building, financial considerations, servicing clients, and carrier issues. The Appendix contains several checklists for different types of natural disasters. (1st edition, 198 pages, includes companion CD)

-Personal disaster experiences
-Advice from expert practitioners
-Agency employees
-Contents and equipments
-Office building
-Financial considerations
-Servicing clients

-15 agency interview disaster stories 
-Expert panel analysis 
-Survey results of over 250 agencies
-Sample checklists, forms, worksheets, and letters

-Learn from the interview stories of 15 agencies that
 experienced disasters.

-Use planning tips and suggestions from the
 expert panel.

-Examine survey results to expand your
 disaster planning.

-Use the CD checklists, forms, and worksheets to
 improve your disaster planning.

Recommended reading for the CIC Agency Management Institute and the James K. Ruble Agency Management Practices Seminar.

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