The Essentials Package

The Essentials Package

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Insurance Essentials (Print)
Life & Benefits Essentials 2nd edition (Print)
Risk Management Essentials 2nd Edition (Print)

The Essentials Series Package—Save $20 when you buy all three!

The Insurance Essentials Handbook 
Learn basic P&C insurance terms, concepts, coverages, and exclusions. Explore homeowners, commercial general liability, and workers compensation issues. Abundant practical examples help explain these fundamentals for inexperienced insurance professionals. (8th edition, 510 pages, includes companion study guide)

Life & Benefits Essentials 2nd Edition 
Learn the basic insurance terms and concepts for life insurance, health insurance, and employee benefits. Focus on the key aspects of term and permanent life insurance, major medical health insurance, annuities, retirement planning, long term care, and the Medicare program. Revised and updated to reflect current regulations and the marketplace. (2nd edition, 211 pages, includes a set of companion study questions on CD)

Risk Management Essentials 
Learn the basic risk management principles, terms and concepts for the various risk management activities: identification, analysis, control, finance, and administration. Focus on the key areas of financial statements, loss data, claims management, information technology, and enterprise risk management. Included is a CD study guide with questions and answers for each chapter. (1st edition, 478 pages, includes companion study guide)

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