Growth & Performance Standards

Growth & Performance Standards

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Growth & Performance Standards 10th Edition (Print)
Growth & Performance Standards 10th Edition (eBook - PDF Format)

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The Growth & Performance Standards study provides benchmarks for comparing independent agency performance.  Independent insurance agency owners use the results to compare their agency's performance against their agency peer group, giving owners direction for decision-making.  The study provides averages, but also offers critical performance indicators of the top 25% best performing agencies.

The GPS study provides comparison benchmarks for income and expense averages, balance sheet ratios, and agency productivity measures.  The comparison standards are based on agency size and metro size, as well as national results.  A CD that allows agencies to input their own financial numbers produces variance reports comparing agency results to the GPS standards.

Agencies can use the GPS study to set a course for improved growth, profitability, and productivity.  By comparing to industry norms and noting where significant variances occur, agencies can pinpoint the areas where they excel, and note those that need most improvement.  (New 10th edition, 238 pages, includes companion CD)

-Executive summary of key findings
-Expert Panel
-National reports: by agency size, focus (commercial or
 personal lines), and metro size

-Agency planning guide: company evaluation, sales
 analysis, staff analysis, financial analysis, etc.


-Average results of CIC agencies as well as the top 25%
 best performing agencies

-Benchmarks based on agency size and size of
 metro area

-A CD to compare your results to GPS standards,
 calculate variances, and offer suggestions for

-Compare to income and expenses averages, productivity
 measures, and balance sheet ratios of other agencies.

-Discover how well the best performing agencies
 are doing.

-Use the companion CD to compare your numbers,
 compute variances, and improve results.

Recommended reading for the CIC Agency Management Institute and the James K. Ruble Agency Management Practices Seminar.

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