Managing Human Resources in an Insurance Agency

Managing Human Resources in an Insurance Agency

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Managing Human Resources in an Insurance Agency (Print)
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Managing Human Resources in an Insurance Agency (eBook - PDF Format)

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This comprehensive book provides the detailed information to help insurance agencies with managing their HR responsibilities. The author, Jon Persky, CIC, CPA, PHR, has drawn upon his years of teaching and consulting to produce a practical book for everyday use. Agencies without a HR department can use the book as a template to assist them with providing the basic HR functions. Larger agencies with an existing HR department can use the guide to fine tune their systems and procedures.

A key feature of this guidebook is a handy CD which contains the forms, applications, letters, checklists, job descriptions, and other pertinent information in the book. Agencies can then tailor this information for use in their own agencies, without having to create it themselves. (1st edition, 210 pages, includes companion CD)

-Hiring and firing:  candidate sources, interviewing, non-
 compete agreements, evaluations, and terminations

-Employment law: 13 federal acts, plus negligent hiring,
 defamation, invasion of privacy

-Job descriptions: CSR, automation manager, office
 manager, producer

-Employee manual: recruitment and employment,
 termination, compensation administration, scheduling

-Procedures manual: general and administrative,
 accounting, life and health, commercial lines,
 personal lines

-A practical and comprehensive look at human resources
 from an insurance agency perspective

-A means for an insurance agency to protect itself from
 HR problems without spending a lot of time
 and/or money

-A bonus CD with the forms, applications, letters,
 checklist and job descriptions to tailor this information
 without having to create it yourself

-Protect your agency from HR problems without spending
 a lot of money.

-Improve your systems and procedures with regard to
 hiring and firing, employment law, job descriptions, an
 employee manual, and a procedures manual.

-Tailor the form and agreements with the bonus CD.

Recommended reading for the CIC Agency Management Institute, and the James K. Ruble Agency Management Practices and Managing People Seminars.

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