Commercial Property

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Instruction Hours 16
Topics Commercial Property
Programs Certified Insurance Counselors Institutes (CIC)
Start Date Apr 29, 2020
End Date May 01, 2020
Learning Options Traditional Classroom

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Topics Covered:

  • Commercial Property Coverage Forms & Endorsements
  • Commercial Property Causes of Loss & Endorsements
  • Time Element Coverages & Endorsements

San Juan, PR
April 29 - May 1, 2020
7:30 AM Registration
San Juan, PR 00928

Commercial Property Institute

In order to maximize coverage and protect your increasingly complex commercial property accounts, it is important to have a detailed understanding of Commercial Property coverages and endorsements, as well as the concepts used when correctly writing this business. Equally important is a familiarity with other coverages such as Time Element (Business Income), and Equipment Breakdown. At this institute you will learn to help provide your customers with the advice and protection they need.

Topics Covered: Covered:

  • Commercial Property Coverage Forms & Endorsements
  • Commercial Property Causes of Loss & Endorsements
  • Time Element Coverages & Endorsements

Participants will:

  • Examine the property coverage found in the Building and Personal Property Coverage Form including the various Additional Coverages, Coverage Extensions, and Optional Coverages. Discuss valuation methods and the application of coinsurance. Learn the proper use of various endorsements.
  • Examine the common coverage, exclusions, and limitations of the three Causes of Loss Forms (Basic, Broad, and Special) with emphasis on the Special Causes of Loss Form. You will also explore the need for the Legal Liability Coverage Form.
  • Learn the property exclusions that determine when an Equipment Breakdown Policy is needed. Determine the types of equipment to include, and the role of engineering as it relates to these policies.
  • Determine the what, how, and why of Business Income Coverage and Extra Expense coverage. Learn the importance of complying with the coinsurance provision and which Optional Coverages are used to remove or suspend this provision. Examine several valuable Business Income endorsements.

Faculty Name

Patrick Wraight

Bio Detail

Patrick is director of Insurance Journal's Academy of Insurance, an online learning platform. He started his insurance career as a Commercial Underwriter for fire departments, home medical equipment dealers and other niche markets. During his time as an underwriter, he was asked to create a new underwriter training program to improve the overall skill of the underwriters within the company. Here, he learned the basics of curriculum development, creating learning paths, and making complex insurance simpler. While working for a large property insurer, Patrick taught insurance topics ranging from underwriting basics to understanding insurance policies to catastrophe claims orientation. Patrick has been a member of the CIC faculty since 2018 and CISR faculty since 2015. He earned his CISR designation in 2007, his CIC designation in 2011, and his CRM designation in 2016. He is currently actively working on his CPCU designation. Patrick writes a weekly blog on insurance coverage issues and other items of interest to the insurance community and is a contributor to other insurance blogs. In his current role, Patrick creates and teaches webinars on insurance coverage topics, including homeowners' and commercial property policies.

Faculty Name

Allen Messer

Bio Detail

Allen Messer began his insurance career in March of 1971. He has worked for several different insurance companies in various capacities and has been involved in the independent agency system as a producer and agency owner. Allen currently consults agencies, companies, risk managers, and attorneys as well as instructs various seminars and live webinars. He earned his CPCU designation in 1981 where he received the Distinguished Graduate Award for attaining the highest academic average in the Nation. He earned his CIC designation in 1977 and serves as an Educational Consultant and is a National Faculty member of The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research.