A Quantum Leap Forward for Insurtech


Welcome to another episode of Awkward Insurance. This week Dustyne Bryant is teaming up with fellow National Alliance academic, Director Sarah Warhaftig, for an exciting conversation with guest Katlyn Eggar. Katlyn is the host of The Age of Independence Podcast and is also the Director of Education at Quantum Assurance.

Together they chat about how Katlyn got her start, the training process at Quantum Assurance, and offers advice to industry newcomers. Don’t miss this really fun conversation!

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Katlyn Eggar

Katlyn is the Director of Education at Quantum Assurance, a national insurance agency with main hubs in Texas and Virginia. She has owned both captive and independent startup agencies and now gets to help other insurance professionals and agency owners launch their insurance careers.

The Age of Independence Podcast

Quantum Assurance

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