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The National Alliance provides lifelong learning opportunities that empower insurance and risk management professionals to achieve their career goals. Dues-paying members are part of an exclusive community funding imaginative and innovative educational content and programs. 

YOUR Membership Makes a Difference


Your membership dues help create new and valuable content such as our new Resources eNewsletter, new website features, podcasts and webinars.


Dues-paying members can participate in James K. Ruble Seminars. This includes Ruble Graduate Seminars and the customizable Online Ruble MEGA Seminar.


A portion of your membership dues funds our University Associate Program. By supporting insurance curriculum and internship programs, you also help develop future insurance professionals.


Membership dues grow the industry by attracting and rewarding new candidates with scholarships. Since 2017,  we have awarded $300,000 in scholarships to participants and colleagues in need of assistance.


Members receive a $200 savings on PROFocus courses. These specialty courses are designed to build your industry-specific business and increase your income. PROFocus courses cover niche topics such as Contractors, Insuring Healthcare Providers, Truckers, and Cyber Risks.


Membership dues fund initiatives such as the CISR High School Program. This program introduces young people to the insurance and risk management industry. Your dues contributed over $200,000 to the development of the CISR High School Program in 2019-2020. 

MEMBERS enjoy these exclusive benefits

Members receive a $200 savings on PROFocus courses. These specialty courses are designed to build your industry-specific business and increase your income. PROFocus courses cover niche topics such as Contractors, Insuring Healthcare Providers, Truckers, and Cyber Risks.

Dues-paid designees can now download at no charge the digital editions of our best-selling publications. Ebooks are conveniently accessed through your National Alliance PROfile.

  • A Tedious Brief History of Insurance
  • Critical Factors Impacting Agency Value
  • Growth Performance Standards
  • Life & Benefits Essentials
  • Property & Casualty Insurance Essentials
  • Producer Profile
  • Pulse of Customer Service
  • Risk Management Essentials

Your membership supports a singularly unique relationship with Florida State University ranked as the #1 Risk Management and Insurance Programs of all universities in the United States.  This relationship allows us to work with graduate and undergraduate students on all levels as well as develop close ties with 29 other universities.  In this way, students obtain a better understanding and appreciation of you and the industry.  This affiliation brings you the opportunity to hire and train some of the brightest students at the collegiate level.

Dues-paid designees now receive a bi-weekly digital newsletter containing our award winning podcasts, articles, and webinars. Newsletters include information about educational products, events, announcements, and industry specific content to help readers advance their careers.

The National Alliance is the only national education program providing scholarships to students at every level.  These scholarships extend from high school to MBA programs at major universities.  More than $325,000 have been granted to students who have made a commitment to learning more about our industry.

Dues members receive access to exclusive 1-hr webinars produced by our Research Academy. Monthly webinars focused on hot topics, emerging markets, and advanced coverages.  Webinars are conveniently accessed through your National Alliance PROfile.
Topics Include:
  • Gray Areas of Agency Errors or Omissions
  • Ensuring You Are Insuring the HO Property Exposure Correctly!
  • Becoming a Cyber Consultant
  • Contractual Risk Transfer and Additional Insured Status: The Inmates are Running the Asylum
  • Embracing Directors and Officers Liability Insurance and Understanding Claims Potential

CIC Select provides access to over two hundred insurers for dues paying CICs.  MarketScout and its insurer partners appreciate the dedication and professionalism of CICs. In recognition of the superior accounts submitted, CIC Select increases commissions by 20% on new non admitted policies.  Commission increases for admitted business will vary based upon the insurer providing coverage.

CICs who place business through CIC Select will also participate in profit commissions paid by applicable insurers.  Increased volume in CIC Select will benefit all CICs.

*This benefit applies only to dues-paying CICs.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can pay online or via check. An invoice can be downloaded from your PROfile. 

To receive the full benefit of membership in CIC, CRM, and CPRM, payments should be made prior to January 1.  These dues are annual and provide benefits from January 1-December 31.


For CISR or CSRM membership, the benefits cover 12 months, starting with the date payment was received. 


Benefits such as Podcasts, Webinars, Ebooks will be found in your Account Information Profile. 
Participants are invited to become members once they complete all the course required to earn a designation from The National Alliance. Read more information about how to earn a designation. 

Yes, call 800-633-2165 or send an email requesting assistance.  You will need to commit to a schedule for fulfilling the missed updates and pay your membership dues for the current year.  You should also inquire about the new Subscription Plan since you will be attending more than one program in the year and membership dues are included in the subscription.

A status is available to CICs who are ready to retire, but not ready to give up the designation for which they worked so diligently and maintained for so many years. CIC Emeritus status is maintained with annual dues payment and no annual update is required. The CIC Emeritus status guidelines are:

  • Candidates must be retired from the insurance or risk management industry
  • years held designation plus age must equal 70 or greater,and
  • CICs must be dues-paid members in good standing.

Those are the technical requirements; however, it means much more than that to be an Emeritus CIC. These professionals are committed to continuing education and to the community, they have helped to build and foster. They continue to support our efforts to broaden the opportunities to learn and to succeed.

If you have any questions about the Emeritus status or how to apply, please call Program Services at 800-633-2165 for assistance.


In recognition of the many milestones and achievements CICs have made in their successful careers, the CIC Board of Governors initiated the Tenured CIC status in 2011. Significant educational achievements and a record of maintaining your designation have broadened each individual’s substantial base of knowledge. Therefore, this special recognition of tenure has been granted to CICs who have met the following criteria:

  • Held the designation for 25 or more years,
  • or CICs who have not held the designation for 25+ years, but are 70 years old or older,
  • The designation is in good standing,
  • AND membership dues are current.

These designees will be eligible for tenured status and may maintain their designation by paying CIC dues every year and attending a qualified program every other year.

Best of all, tenured designees retain all of the rights and privileges of the designation and of their membership in the Society.

If you have any questions about the Tenured status or how to apply, please call Program Services at 800-633-2165 for assistance.

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