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Awkward Insurance Hosts Dustyne Bryant and Cat Ferris hang out with Jeff Shi, CEO of Quotehound, about what motivated him to completely shift his career focus from the Automotive Business Industry to the Insurance Industry. Jeff talks about what motivated him to start in the insurance industry and pushed him to keep going and really find his love for the industry. He digs into his vision of Seven Pillars of Insurance Success and what inspires him. We certainly discovered that Jeff has a love for the minutia of business analytics, but what we discovered most about him is his passion for supporting his team, love for family, love for life, and all the potential the future holds. Stay tuned to hear Jeff’s predictions for the future of InsureTech.

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Jeff Shi

Jeff Shi launched his insurance career as a top-performing captive agent at Allstate. Along the way, he found the grass really was greener on the independent side. He co-founded Quantum Assurance International and is the CEO of Quotehound – both companies envisioned as a new compass for guiding agencies to digital growth. As Chief Vision Officer and CEO, he helped pioneer features like immediate vesting and the digital entrepreneur model that helps agents build over the next 3 years what took agents of the past 20. In their spare time, Jeff and his Jiu-Jitsu-warrior wife Priscilla parent their toddler cuties Zoe & Cloe and pursue their foodie passions with all things noodles & dumplings.

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