Ask Bettie

Meet Bettie Duff. She’s the go-to person to contact for information on all things National Alliance! Do you have a question to “Ask Bettie?”

Bettie Duff, Senior Vice President/CIC Secretary

Bettie is the quintessential representative for The National Alliance. Having been with the organization for 38 years, she remembers the original portable buildings that stood on the corner of Hart Lane and North Hills Drive on what was then the northern edge of Austin, Texas. Bettie’s sparkling personality and incisive observations through the years have endeared her to members, participants, and colleagues alike.

For over a decade, Bettie has responded to your questions in her Resources column. She knows The Alliance very well, but is quick to point out that she has help—a supportive team throughout the organization who is willing to act as a resource, providing her with accurate and prompt information to answer all your inquiries. If you would like to ask Bettie a question, simply email her at