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Commercial Casualty I

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With a focus on the Commercial General Liability Coverage Form, this course improves your understanding of legal liability and additional insured exposures and coverages.

This CISR Commercial Casualty I Course strengthens your ability to have productive, confident interactions with your commercial customers in the area of commercial casualty exposures and coverages. You’ll improve your understanding of legal liability and what creates liability exposures. The focus of this course is the Commercial General Liability Coverage Form. Also addressing additional insured exposures and the coverage available to meet them, the course provides a strong foundation that is valued by insurance professionals.

Legal principles that establish obligations of parties for torts, principles of contractual and statutory liability, and how damages are assessed for responsible parties.

Structure of the Commercial General Liability coverage, the insuring agreement, who is insured, and exclusions work.

Contractual requirements impacting the CGL policy as well as various editions of commonly used additional insured endorsements.

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