Insuring Personal Residential Property

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Nothing hits home more than a personal lines loss. Client retention depends on developing relationships and learning to identify the specific exposures each client contends with.

The CISR Personal Residential Course helps you develop the expertise to guide your customers through the often complex and confusing process of purchasing homeowners insurance. More importantly, you will be able to provide practical information that will help clients make decisions for protecting their most valuable assets and their financial future in the event of a loss.

This section will provide an understanding of Dwelling Policy and Homeowners Policy eligibility as well as examine the various coverage forms offered so that you may confidently guide your client through selecting the right Personal Residential Program for their property.

Examine the Homeowners Policy (focusing on the ISO Homeowners – 3 Special Form) to form an understanding of the definitions when creating coverage.

Understand the application of Section I – Property coverages, including basic coverage limits, Perils Insured Against, Exclusions, Conditions, and how to apply the Loss Settlement Condition to a covered loss.

Learn to confidently explain and apply Homeowners Liability Coverages (Personal Liability and Medical Payments To Others), exclusions, additional coverages, and conditions.

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