CRM Principles of Risk Management

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Principles of Risk Management Course

We recommend you take this course first because it lays a solid foundation in risk management essentials, and gives you the tools for identifying exposures - the first step in the risk management process. It also provides the background to ensure your success in the courses that follow.

A case study is interwoven throughout this 20-hour course, with application exercises to reinforce the information.*

Topics covered:

  • Introduction to Risk Management Concepts
  • Risk Management and the Organization
  • Introduction to Enterprise Risk Management
  • Introduction to Identification
  • Risk Identification Methods I - Self Administered Tools
  • Risk Identification Methods II - Loss Data Analysis
  • Risk Identification Methods III - Financial Statement Analysis
  • Risk Identification Methods IV - Internal and External Review

*The same case study/application case will reappear in each of the other CRM courses, with information applicable to subject matter, resulting in a comprehensive risk management program.

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