Truckers II (Annual MCIEF Conference)

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2017 MCIEF Annual Conference/Truckers II
October 5-6, 2017
Orlando, Florida

The Annual Motor Carrier Conference/Truckers II agenda will feature guest speakers providing their perspectives on current developments and trends in the trucking industry. Topical content, though not limited to these, will include:

  • Insurance experts sharing their knowledge
  • Review of changes and proposed changes in motor carrier regulation and their impact on insurance
  • Technology available to motor carriers to help control their operations and what this means to insurance providers
  • Reviews of recent court cases by attorneys and the effect on insurance providers
  • Updates on ISO policy changes

Continuing Education is being requested for 16 hours of credits in all states for participants who are required to maintain such credits.

Full attendance at the 16-hour conference (full two days) may satisfy the CIC/CRM/CISR annual update requirement.

The conference is open to all interested parties.

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