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The William T. Hold Risk Management Seminars are open and available to everyone and contain topics that are current and timely. They are taught by experienced faculty who are active in the public and private risk management and insurance industry. These courses will provide participants with practical information that can be put to use immediately. These advanced risk management topics are combined from a wide range of varied topics into a 7-hour classroom format. The topics are selected from the most timely and requested risk management topics in the public and private sectors.

The following courses are available:

Bullying Prevention: Solutions for your Schools! (Texas CE only) 

Bullying affects everyone – students, parents and the community. It has taken on new heights with electronic aggression and can have grave consequences if left unchecked. From easy access to technology and various influences to expensive law suits, schools cannot afford to ignore this risk. In this course, the participant will learn the evolution of this age-old problem, proactive approaches, and mitigation techniques.

Information presented will include:

  • Definitions of traditional bullying versus electronic aggression
  • Background of case law, state and federal laws, and initiatives for prevention
  • Proper school board policies
  • The student and community roles, and
  • Liability and coverage concerns

School Safety from A to Z (Wisconsin and Texas CE only) 

Understanding the vast amount of risks a school undertakes on a daily basis is not an easy task. The risks range from understanding how to respond to crises related to disgruntled students and the public all the way to environmental issues such as a staph infection outbreak. This course will address safety from the inside out so you can be proactively approach risk and avoid the costly consequences of reacting to incidents and accidents.

Topics in this course include: 

  • The scope of school safety
  • Prevention and mitigation
  • Planning and preparedness
  • The school safety and security committee
  • School safety and security audits
  • Emergency response planning, and
  • Insurance issues association with school safety

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