Podcast: COVID-19: A Conversation About Our Current Pandemic1 min read

In these uncertain times surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, insurance agents and risk managers can make a real difference with regards to the containment of the virus and keeping their clients informed and safe. As the nation works to stop the spread of the coronavirus with shut downs, remote work, and social distancing, we are hopeful that the United States’ resilience during this crisis will help us all come out the other end safely and with our health.

Tune in as host Paul Martin, CPCU talks to Kelly Surles, CIC, CPRM, CISR, ACSR and Kyle Drawdy, CIC, CRM, ARM about risk management techniques helping to curb the spread of COVID-19, practical tips to keep in mind during the quarantine, and how insurance may not be the answer for business and clients. Listen now!

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1 thought on “Podcast: COVID-19: A Conversation About Our Current Pandemic1 min read

  1. Love Paul Martin, have been listening to him teach for years. One of the best in the business.

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