Benefits For Professionals

The CPRM program is regarded for its quality—laying a strong foundation for those beginning a career in this field and providing a step up for those who wish to build on their existing knowledge.

What’s in it for You?

A nationally recognized program to launch a career in this unique and stimulating niche
Active involvement with a community of personal risk management peers—gaining confidence to protect affluent and high net worth clients
Advanced earning and career potential in a growing market segment
The first in-depth and highly focused program designed especially to serve a high-profile clientele
Annual update for the other designations of The National Alliance (CIC, CRM, CISR, and CSRM)
CE Credit that is high interest and challenging: Click here to determine state specific availability

What’s in it for Your Agency or Company?

  • Affluent client protection and a growing business with client retention
  • Knowledge and expertise for building a personal high net worth division
  • Advanced approaches for handling complex risks of high net worth clients
  • Reduced Errors & Omissions

What’s in it for Your Clients?

Emphasis on practical, real-world information that provides best-in-class knowledge and best-in-class protection
Improved communication and presentation skills to meet the special demands of high-profile clients
Assurance in the holistic risk management plan you develop to address the liability and property exposures of their distinctive lifestyle
Protection for the clients’ family assets and reputations