Benefits For Professionals

“CRM courses stand out as the very best available to those in insurance and risk management—you learn to apply theory and concepts to everyday risk practice.”—a CRM designee

What’s in it for You?

An internationally recognized risk management designation
Curriculum developed by practicing risk professionals and educators
A comprehensive education in qualitative and quantitative tools
An instructive overview of the 5 steps of risk management—identification of exposures, analysis of risk, risk control techniques, financing of risk, and administration
The ability to identify and manage emerging and evolving risks
Put-it-to-use-now risk management skills and solutions
Real-life examples and experiences shared by instructors who are active in the field
Implementation of the universal application of risk management concepts

What’s in it for Your Agency or Company?

  • A professional and competitive advantage with a solid risk management plan in place
  • A skilled and prepared risk manager leading the charge in protecting an organization’s assets and bottom-line
  • Aggregated value of implementing ERM programs covering the downside and upside of risk

What’s in it for Your Clients?

Attention to detail in contracts and insurance language to reduce loss and save money
Credibility, trust, and reliance in managing their risks and safeguarding mission and brand
Gaining “risk awareness” and introducing an organizational risk culture that can reduce the impact of loss exposures
Creative development of risk management plans tailored to address their specific needs, such as fleet or cyber risk