Benefits For Professionals

Top performing schools and colleges are implementing risk management programs, and risk managers are joining administrative teams as integral members.

What’s in it for You?

A professional designation with industry recognition
Practical and transferable knowledge and risk management strategies
Ability to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of existing risk management program
Emphasis on real-world information that provides best-in-class knowledge
Career-building expertise and credibility in the school system and community

What’s in it for Your School?

  • Increased workplace safety and compliance
  • Better loss prevention strategies that translate into budget savings
  • Ability to identify and control future challenges
  • A trusted leader who can implement an effective risk management plan
  • An employee with a respected designation to protect budgets, assets, and people

What’s in it for Students and Staff?

A safe and healthy environment that is conducive to learning

Confidence in school’s crisis management and response plan

Non-interruption of educational services and experience