Benefits For Professionals

The Dynamics Series—the title says it all—dynamic work-smart skills taught by top sales trainers who are active leaders in our industry’s insurance and risk management business.

What’s in it for You?

Increased income and have the career of a lifetime
A close ratio that goes from two sales out of 10 proposals to a lucrative six or seven out of 10
The habits and strategies of top sales stars
Power-packed training, role-playing, interaction, and networking with life-changing mentors
Cultivated, competitor-proof relationships with clients
Where to find solid prospects and how to get in the door
How to pre-qualify accounts, set up a pipeline, and structure your business
A customized education to fit your professional and personal needs
High-level, market-focused update and CE Credit: Click here to determine state specific availability

What’s in it for Your Agency or Company?

  • Protection for clients with knowledge of how to fix their problems
  • Energized producers who know the sales process inside and out
  • A sales team that's motivated—and wins
  • Better client relationships and expanded management abilities
  • An understanding of agency/company culture and how to write better business for company partners
  • How to leverage major industry changes to work for your business

What’s in it for Your Clients?

Emphasis on a desire to address their problems with on-target solutions
A professional who recognizes the client's personal style and provides something a little different
A relationship built on strong communication and negotiation skills
A value proposition built on the client's actual needs