Sales Coaching for Active Insurance Producers

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Reimagine Your Relationship with Insurance Sales.

Even the most seasoned sales producers can encounter professional fatigue, feeling a disconnect from the very passion that once drove their success.

The current hard market is challenging even for the most established producers.  

If you’re an active producer with 3 or more years of experience, who’s feeling burnt out, this 8-week intensive coaching program is for you. Led by seasoned insurance professional Meg McKeen, CIC, Dynamics Producer Coaching offers a holistic approach towards enhancing competencies in sales, and relationship building with others and with yourself.

By engaging in this program, participants can navigate the nuanced insurance landscape with confidence, integrity, and success– on your terms.

Reinvigorate Your Career Through:

8-Weeks of Group Coaching:

8-weeks of meticulously crafted coaching to bolster confidence & proficiency in insurance sales.

Sales Coaching:

Spend 50 minutes in a one-on-one sales coaching call with Coach Meg McKeen, CIC.

Online Peer Collaboration:

Receive real-time feedback from the Coach & Cohort through an Online Community Platform.

16-Hours Over 8-Weeks:

Let’s examine your evolving relationship with your work and what brought you here to this program. You’ll better understand your why – that may be evolving, too – and what work-life alignment might look like for you.

The way you’ve always done it may not be the way you want to do it going forward. Let’s take a look at your current sales process and overlay new ideas to reinvigorate you – and your sales process.

So much of what you do as an insurance producer is outside of your control, yet control is what we most often seek. We’ll uncover approachable ways to navigate the uncertainties that appear in a career in insurance sales.

There’s only one of you – and we all have the same 24 hours in each day. Let’s learn the ways you can best utilize the resources you have available to you. This isn’t To Do lists and spreadsheets – we’re talking about advocating for yourself and what you need.

Insurance is a relationship business – but those relationships aren’t limited to those we have with our clients. We’ll discuss ways to nurture, strengthen, and leverage all of the relationships we engage in – including our carrier partners, our colleagues, our support network, and ourselves.

It’s been said that a career in insurance sales is as entrepreneurial as it gets – but are you making decisions like it’s your own? Let’s make sure you understand your numbers, and that you’re thinking – and decision-making – like a CEO.

We’ll hold this session to explore a topic that is meaningful to the group – we won’t know what we’ll talk about until we get started, but it will be worth the wait!

We’ll learn ways to set meaningful goals – and meet them – when we break down the performance measurement and metrics we commonly see – and could benefit from seeing more of – in insurance sales.

"I'm grateful for making the investment, it's been well worth it, plus just meeting a lot of great people that I've never met before, and just having a forum to share ideas and successes and failures and trying to learn from it, has been encouraging. And for someone who's been in it like me, you always have to keep evolving.
I'm an old dog, but I can still learn some new tricks."

–Scott Stricklin, CIC, CRM

An inaugural cohort member of the Dynamics Producer Coaching program

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With over 20 years of insurance industry experience Meg McKeen, CIC, founded Adjunct Advisors LLC in 2018 with the essential belief that we can do more for insurance professionals. Meg has extensive experience in underwriting, and leadership, as an insurance agent and is now an industry consultant. She has been involved in thousands of insurance negotiations and now holds space for insurance professionals as they grow their sales and leadership acumen through private coaching, consulting engagements, and the podcast she hosts, Bound & Determined. 

Frequently Asked Questions

For the best experience, individuals should be active insurance producers with 3 or more years of experience. 

This cohort of Dynamics Producer Coaching was created specifically for the established producer who has already grown a book of business; they’re feeling disconnected from their work, perhaps burnt out, or have lost their drive or ambition. This isn’t a course to learn how to “sell more insurance” – but rather to support a producer who wants to make more aligned choices in how they choose their clients, use their resources, and manage their books of business. The impacts reported are both personal and professional, as this program encourages producers to view their work as a producer in a holistic way. 

For the best experience, the group is limited to 12 participants.

Participants come to Dynamics Producer Coaching to learn from both the instructor and their peers, and for the best experience, producers view one another as collaborators and not competitors. To protect any private information, we do not reference prospects or clients by name.

With a combination of instructor-led and open coaching formatting, producers benefit from the real-world examples that are shared among themselves and their peers throughout the program. We solve real, timely challenges – not hypothetical – in your business; and with a blend of both personal and professional development methods, you can expect improved sales results – and confidence.

Yes. Participants find that attending with a colleague allows for consistency within the organization when they bring their learning back to their group or team.

An active registration is required for all attendees.  

Participation is encouraged for the best experience, however, it’s understood that you may miss a session. If that’s the case, alert Meg in advance and the session can be recorded.
Yes. This program was created to support you in the work you’re already doing – to help you understand what habits and practices are currently working for you, and where you can make adjustments. The accountability your participation provides also ensures you continue to make forward progress in your business throughout our time together.
Because the concepts you’ll be learning can be applied to your work immediately, no additional time is required outside of our sessions. You may choose to engage in the community for additional support and resources, but participation is always optional.

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This program is intended for individuals who are actively selling insurance with 3 or more years of experience. 

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