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Taking risks in your career can be difficult. Do you need some advice?

Host Darren Bloomfield interviews Wayne A. Bates and learns more about his leap across the pond. Wayne started his career in London and is now the President of Atain Insurance Companies, an insurance carrier. The roles in between helped him gain exposure to different sides of the industry and crafted him into the leader he is today. Wayne shares his story while explaining the importance of developing your career and building relationships. Wayne also dives into the causes of market cycles and how underwriters handle the lack of certainty among premium pricing.

About our Guest:

Wayne A. Bates joined the industry in 1988 when he went to work with a Lloyd’s syndicate where he had an entry-level underwriting Role that focused on US Property & Casualty business.  In 1994 he took a more advanced position with a London-based insurance company again focusing on US P&C.  6 years later he relocated from England to the United States and joined the Kaufman Financial Group, working for Burns & Wilcox Ltd in their in-house underwriting division (Special Risks Department (SRD) International). Here Wayne underwrote risks referred from B&W offices and responsible for B&W’s London placed binding authority portfolio.  In 2007 Wayne joined a start-up Chicago-based excess & surplus carrier as President.  He then returned to the Kaufman Financial Group as President of Atain Insurance Companies in 2015. 

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