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Nat Alliance NOW is back for 2023, and to start things off we have Mitch Dunford speaking to the always-incredible Meg McKeen, CIC. As the Founder of Adjunct Advisors, Meg has years of experience successfully supporting, coaching, and mentoring Insurance Producers. In this episode, Mitch and Meg talk about the NEW National Alliance Producer Coaching program and why Producers at any stage of their career can benefit from having a coach. 

Tune in to learn more about Meg what inspired the development of this new course.

8 Weeks of Practical & Technical Sales Coaching

Gain confidence and sell insurance successfully. Through both instructor-led and open-forum sessions in a safe, virtual environment, producers will learn new and relevant methods for building relationships with ideal clients, create accountability for progress toward their goals, and build a community of peers to support their growing insurance careers.

Meg McKeen, CIC

With over 20 years of insurance industry experience, Meg McKeen, CIC, founded Adjunct Advisors LLC in 2018 with the essential belief that we can do more for insurance professionals. Meg has extensive experience in underwriting, leadership, as an insurance agent, and is now an industry consultant. She has been involved in thousands of insurance negotiations and now holds space for insurance professionals as they grow their sales and leadership acumen through private coaching, consulting engagements, and the podcast she hosts: Bound & Determined. 

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