Letter of Good Standing Instructions

Reporting your Designation Letters of Good Standing

Congratulations in maintaining your designation with The National Alliance! In order to meet your state license renewal requirement, it will be the responsibility of the participant to report the good standing of their National Alliance Designation to their state. Please follow the license renewal instructions below for your state.


Producers who hold and maintain the CIC Designation are exempt from Continuing Education for their license renewal if the requirement was met by December 31, 2012 and the producer continues to be in Good Standing with their designation. During your renewal period please follow the below instructions:

    Step 1. Claim the grandfathered CE Exemption on your Renewal Application
    Step 2. Attach the Letter of Good Standing
    Step 3. Email the Renewal Application and Letter of Good Standing to ProducerLicensing@insurance.alabama.gov
    Step 4. Please reference your name and AL License # in your email.


By fulfilling The National Alliance required CIC designation annual update, licensed producers are eligible for an exemption from continuing education of their Nevada state license. To receive this exemption, please follow the below instructions:

    Step 1. Please download and complete the Exemption Request Form from the Nevada Division of Insurance
    Step 2. Attach the Letter of Good Standing with the Exemption Request Form to your electronic renewal application and fee through Sircon.

New Jersey

Fulfilling your annual update requirement for your CIC or CISR designation also satisfies your state continuing education requirement. In order to receive this credit, please follow the below instructions, not more than 90 days prior to your license renewal.

    Step 1. Download and Complete the Alternative Continuing Education Credit Application from the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance
    Step 2. Attach the signed Designation Form CE-1A provided by The National Alliance
    Step 3. Fax or mail both forms to the State of New Jersey. (Fax and mailing address on CE-1A form)


Fulfilling your required annual update for your CIC or CRM designation also satisfies your state continuing education requirement. To renew your state license, please follow the below instructions:

    Step 1. Login to your profile, click Documents, select Letter of Good Standing and click generate document.
    Step 2. Logon to http://www.sircon.com/utah and pay your renewal fee. Once the fee has been paid please click on the box at the top that says, “Attach supporting documentation”. Please attach your Letters of Good Standing. It may take several minutes for your documents to load; please print confirmation ID information.
    Step 3. Send email with confirmation ID information to Michael Covington at mcovington@utah.gov and include your name and license number. If you paid your renewal fee and did not upload your Letters of Good Standing, contact Michael Covington for instructions to complete the renewal process.

(If you successfully met attendance requirements for a previous course, you will need to login to your PROfile at www.scic.com and search for any courses completed during your current compliance period. Under Documents search for CE_Certificate for that course. The document labeled CE_Certificate is the Letter of Good Standing. Please be sure to submit the Letter of Good Standing and not a copy of your course certificate. The course certificate will not be valid for your state license renewal.)

For additional questions or concerns regarding the reporting of your Designation towards your state license, please email support_ce@scic.com or your state licensing office.

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