Managing Pet Risks

Amy MacDonald from Nationwide’s Pet Insurance Department sits down to fill you in on products that you may not have known existed – insurance for our fluffy, 4-legged family members.

In this episode, you’ll learn how Amy got into this niche pet insurance market, how it differs from human health care, and why now is always the right time to buy pet insurance.

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Amy MacDonald has worked for Nationwide Insurance for almost 20 years and moved to the pet team 6+ years ago. Being able to tie her personal passion for pets and professional insurance career has been a dream. The peace of mind that insurance brings when things go wrong is why she loves her job.

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1 thought on “Managing Pet Risks

  1. My absolute favorite subject! Animals as a whole but lover of dogs especially! Like Amy, I’ve been in this industry for 37 years. Excited to have access to Pet Insurance through Safeco and now here through the National Alliance. My dog is family! Don’t you want to protect ALL of your family?! I feel so much better since I bought my girl insurance. I now have a piece of mind and know if those big things come up I won’t have to make a decision to treat her or the alternative. Thanks ladies for this engaging topic. I’d LOVE working for a pet division in insurance.

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