Managing Risky Life Changes


Don’t ever miss an episode with Ashley Fitzsimmons! Host Dustyne Bryant, CIC, CISR, and guest Ashley Fitzsimmons, CISR, Director of Professional Development at the Ohio Insurance Agents Association, catch up on what’s new with the OIA. Tune in to hear them reflect on their first Awkward Insurance episode and discuss various topics surrounding managing life’s risks. Ashley shares her advice and experience with handling renewal risk questionnaires that can help agents start those (sometimes) awkward conversations with clients. Keep listening to the end to hear Ashley explain what it means to be a millennial in the insurance industry and why it’s an advantage for her.

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Ashley Fitzsimmons, CISR

Ashley is a millennial in a risky business. She’s been in your shoes. After nearly a decade as the fourth generation in an independent agency near Scranton, PA, she’s taken a little detour to join the team at Ohio Insurance Agents in Columbus. Her love for her clients helped secure the 2018 National CSR of the Year award. She was even able to turn her misadventures in online dating into writing policies. In traveling to different events and meeting hundreds of agents, she realized she can make an even bigger impact by helping independent agents thrive all over the country. Connect with her. Use her as a resource. Or just have a martini with her, whatever it is, she’s here to help! Ashley is an advocate and graduate of the CISR program. Her CISR designation gave her a solid insurance foundation that allowed her to cultivate the skills needed to advise clients on their policy concerns. 


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