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Our practical insurance and risk management courses are taught by active insurance practitioners who guide participants through real-world scenarios to give them a deep understanding of what their clients are facing today.

350+ Faculty

1,400+ Courses Annually

46,000+ Yearly Participants

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Faculty Member Requirements

  • A current National Alliance designation (waived for advanced topics)
  • Experience teaching online with webcam
  • Insurance and/or risk management technical expertise
  • Active involvement in the insurance and/or risk management field
  • Teaching/training experience with effective presentation skills
  • Ability to create and use visual aids to engage participants
  • Proficient with PowerPoint
  • Other qualifications and requirements specific to National Alliance education programs

What is the relationship with The National Alliance?

Faculty members are Independent Contractors and have no employment relationship with The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your training plan is set by the Director of Faculty Development and you, based on your availability for the training dates. It takes approximately 6 months to complete.

After training, our faculty generally receive 2-3 assignments the first year with an increase based on good participant ratings and opportunities for additional offers from state agent associations that offer our programs.

Honorarium depends upon the program. Instructors are paid per hour of instruction.

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