Credentials Matter!

Credentials Matter!

Credentials Matter!

The Dr. William T. Hold/The National Alliance Program in Risk Management and Insurance brings heightened academic recognition to the excellence of National Alliance programs, both domestically and internationally. This recognition increases the value of your designations and enhances your professional reputation. As The National Alliance’s relationship with Florida State University continues to expand, the value of your affiliation with The National Alliance will continue to appreciate as a result of this professional partnership. It is truly an alliance for the future that rests firmly upon reputations hard-earned in the past.

You may have noticed the ‘1851’ on the FSU seal. A lot of people notice that. They also notice that in July 2017, the Florida State College of Business was awarded the Global Centers of Insurance Excellence (GCIE) designation at the International Insurance Society’s Global Insurance Forum. And they note that the Dr. William T. Hold/The National Alliance Program in Risk Management and Insurance is ranked 4th among public institutions by U.S. News & World Report. Florida State’s online graduate business program—which includes the Master’s in Risk Management and Insurance (MS-RMI) and the Master’s in Management Information Systems (MS-MIS)—is ranked ninth overall and sixth among public universities. These statistics are particularly impressive when you consider that Florida State’s business school is one of the youngest in the nation.

Like The National Alliance, Florida State has built a solid reputation by offering significant quality and value in its educational programs. Like The National Alliance, Florida State recruits outstanding faculty members who are well-regarded for their knowledge and expertise. And Florida State’s reputation has been enhanced by alumni in the same manner that National Alliance designees are known throughout the industry. In fact, Dr. William T. Hold serves with a distinguished group of industry leaders on Florida State’s Risk Management and Insurance Executive Council, a group that works closely with the risk management program to advocate for the students and program to ensure that the industry has the talent it needs to continue to advance.

One of the benefits of this cross-fertilization between industry and academe has been Florida State faculty members making presentations at National Alliance programs. Most recently, Dr. Cassandra Cole, department chair and director of the MS-RMI Program, organized a program entitled “Women: The Emerging Entrepreneurial Elite” at the MEGA seminar in Orlando. Florida State faculty members and administrators have also made presentations at the Entrepreneurial Insurance Symposium, an event sponsored jointly by MarketScout and The National Alliance.

Through its campuses in Florida, Panama, London, Italy, and Spain, as well as the Florida Catastrophic Storm Risk Management Center and the Center for Risk Management Education & Research, Florida State offers students diverse opportunities to fully engage in the industry. All business students at Florida State are required to take a course titled “Risk Management in Business and Society” before formally entering the college. Currently, there are close to 300 students in the undergraduate major, and the online master’s program has also experienced significant growth in the last five years.

During 2017, ten graduate students were selected as Hold Scholars and awarded scholarships to help defray their college expenses. More than 120 RMI students are members of Gamma Iota Sigma (the professional fraternity for risk management, insurance, and actuarial science majors), and many students participate in the University Associate CIC (UACIC) and/or University Associate CRM (UACRM) programs. To date, 38 Florida State students have earned either the UACIC or UACRM designations.

Many students (particularly graduate students) are working in the industry, and all students have an opportunity to engage in industry research efforts and attend industry conferences and competitions. During 2017, the Florida State team placed third in the inaugural PriSim Agency Management Competition, an event that spanned four weeks and required the group to make agency management decisions, including hiring, training, lead generation, advertising, and business segment targeting. Four students made it to the second round of the Spencer-RIMS Risk Management Challenge at RIMS, and five students spent a week at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, where they presented their research as a part of a Catastrophe Risk Management Seminar.

The Dr. William T. Hold/The National Alliance Program in Risk Management and Insurance, along with the Florida State Sales Institute and several industry partners, hosted the 2017 Insurance Sales Challenge. Thirty industry professionals served as mentors, judges, and business owners. Risk management and professional sales majors were evaluated on identifying the prospective client’s needs, as well as factors such as professionalism, the ability to build rapport, their understanding of products and services, their presentation, and the ability to think on their feet.

When you put it all together, Florida State and The National Alliance are cultivating the RMI leaders of tomorrow by working together today. Credentials do matter, and the partnership between Florida State and The National Alliance is leading the way for insurance professionals across the nation.

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“As a preeminent university, we truly value our partnership with The National Alliance, and we’re grateful to Dr. Hold for his leadership. Our ability to bring faculty, students, and industry professionals together fuels our internationally recognized risk management and insurance program.”

— John E. Thrasher, President, Florida State University

“Tomorrow is always just one day away, and the future waits for no one. This recognition pushes us to offer integrated solutions to propel the industry forward. Working together we are stronger, our reach is wider, and the effectiveness of our collective efforts is broader. The National Alliance’s strategic partnership with Florida State is pivotal because credentials do matter, and this alliance reinforces the value of education from both an academic and a professional perspective.”

— Dr. William T. Hold, CIC, CLU, CPCU, President of The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research

“Leading business schools and academic programs earn their way to the top by recruiting the best faculty and students and matching them with the very best leaders in a given industry. Our partnership with The National Alliance clearly pushes us above and beyond, making Florida State a preeminent destination for risk management and insurance education and research.”

— Dr. Michael D. Hartline, Dean, Florida State University College of Business