Speaking Insurance - Hot Topics and Trends in Bite-Sized Interviews

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AUSTIN, TX, August 26, 2015 – Speaking Insurance is a weekly, ongoing podcast produced by the Research Academy of The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research.  A new episode is released every Tuesday. Each is posted on the Knowledge Alliance, and can be streamed or downloaded as mp3s. They’re about 15 minutes in length.

Each interview is with an insurance or risk management professional and expert in the field. These professionals provide practical knowledge and ideas listeners can apply to become more successful in their careers.  What is their background and how did they achieve their success?  What industry developments and trends do they foresee? How can we take advantage of new developments and technologies?  What habits contribute to their effectiveness? What resources do they recommend? These are just some of the questions these no cost podcasts answer.  The most important question for readers is this: Why not visit these stimulating and career enhancing interviews today?

The Academy is a non-profit organization funded entirely through publication sales and affiliation dues, and serves as the research and development arm of The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research. Research grants are made possible through the annual dues of National Alliance members and The Academy’s Research Associates. For further information, contact The National Alliance, P.O. Box 27027, Austin, Texas 78755-2027; 800-633-2165; website:  www.TheNationalAlliance.com.

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