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Certified School Risk Managers (CSRM) Online is a cohesive, unified education and designation program that builds school risk management knowledge—with the same tested curriculum as CSRM classroom courses.

Participants learn school procedures and terminology through these online courses, helping to build trust within their school districts. CSRM Online courses are based on the philosophy and theory of school risk management, not on loss control services and products.

Learn to effectively impact school district business using the risk management process:

  • Risk Identification
  • Risk Analysis
  • Risk Control
  • Risk Financing
  • Risk Administration

CSRM participants will become more efficient, knowledgeable, and better able to control the district’s cost of risk. The CSRM Program was developed to further the professional development of the risk management team—giving participants a competitive edge.

Fundamentals of Risk Management
Measuring School Risks

Handling School Risks

Funding School Risks

Administering School Risks

Fundamentals of Risk Management

This foundational risk management course benefits school risk managers, employee benefits and safety coordinators, and those in human resources and positions that oversee the risk management function in schools.Insurance agents and brokers who work with school risk managers or the placement of school business are also encouraged to attend.

Take this online course for an in-depth look at the overall risk management process, while examining the function of the school risk manager. 


  • Risk Management Function and Process
  • The School Risk Manager
  • Identifying School Risks: Logical Classifications
  • Identifying School Risks: Methods
  • Gathering Loss Data

Measuring School Risks

Participants will learn to analyze and evaluate school risks, along with the mechanics of forecasting and trending losses to be used in estimating loss protections, determining insurance program retentions, and deductibles.


  • Introduction and Qualitative Analysis for School Risks
  • Qualitative Risk Assessment and Loss Run Analysis
  • Quantitative Analysis: Tools and Forecasting
  • The Risk Analysis Process

Handling School Risks

This course covers the risk control step of the risk management process. Participants will study risk control fundamentals, the purpose and elements of a safety and health plan, identification of hazard controls, and effective management of school claims as a post-accident loss control reduction technique.


  • Fundamentals of Controlling Risk
  • Safety & Health Programs for School Districts
  • School District Exposures
  • Managing School Claims

Funding School Risks

The primary focus of this course is to introduce and explain the methods that can be used to finance the district’s losses. Using general criteria, the risk manager compares and evaluates the various risk financing options and ultimately determines which is best for the school district.


  • Introduction to Funding School Risks
  • Foundations of Funding
  • Options for Funding School Risks
  • Reserving for School District Risks
  • Financial Issues for the School Risk Manager

Administering School Risks

Participants will learn to implement and monitor the school risk management program, along with communications tools, the risk management information system (RMIS) and processes for delivering resources to the district, such as request for proposal, competitive sealed bids, etc. The establishment of a district code of ethics and ongoing ethics program concludes the course.


  • Introduction to Administering School Risks – The Risk Management Process
  • The School Risk Management Team
  • Communicating with the Risk Management Team
  • Implementing the Risk Management Program
  • Monitoring the Risk Management Program
  • Ethics and the School Risk Manager

Important: All CSRM online and classroom courses qualify as annual updates for Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR) designees. CISR designees attending CSRM online must pass the final exam to earn credit. No review test is available.

CE Note: CSRM classroom and online courses are approved in all states for CE credit. Please check our CE Guide for credit hours by state.

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