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Driving into the Future with the 2018 ISO Personal Auto Policy

Join National Alliance’s JoAnn Clarke, Senior Academic Director and Tracy Pitre, Academic Director as they talk about the new ISO 2018 Personal Auto program and the changes it will bring later this year.

Program Business – Part II: Developing a Program in your Agency

Continue exploring the Program Business opportunities for a retail agent as we talk about the common denominators of successful program business. For a new program to be on the path to success, initial premium volume and potential for growth is a driving force. However, premium volume isn’t the only measure of success. Join our discussion on other common denominators found in successful program business including underwriting, reliance on technology in risk evaluation and spread of risk.

Richard Kerr, CEO MarketScout
JoAnn Clarke, Senior Academic Director, The National Alliance

Program Business - The Basics

Program Business is any assimilation of common class, industry groups, or coverage. Growth and Specialization has affected business by creating new ways to generate revenue through business streams. We all need to focus more on specialization because that is where the business is headed.

Richard Kerr, Chairman & CEO, Market Scout
JoAnn Clarke, Senior Academic Director for the National Alliance
Mitch Dunford, Chief Academic Officer