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In this episode, hosts Dustyne and Cat talk with Bradley Flowers – agency owner of Portal Insurance and host of Insurance Guys Podcast – and pick through all of his ventures, awards, social media outlets, and his past – present – and future plans for success. During our conversation, it became very apparent that his path for success is ensuring the success of those around him and he truly makes it look fun, exciting, and effortless.

If you aren’t following Bradley on any of his socials, you should. Stick around for the end of the show to hear about the One City World Tour, an exclusive mastermind event independent agents should NOT miss.

Bradley Flowers

Bradley is a nationally recognized insurance agency owner and business enthusiast. He runs the day-to-day operations at Portal Insurance in Mobile, Alabama, a scratch independent agency he founded and is building on the back of social media, personal branding, content, and technology. In 2019, Portal Insurance was named the “Agency for the Future” by Safeco Insurance for the Southeast United States. In 2020, Portal Insurance became the subject of the YouTube series “Making the Donuts” which shows the everyday behind-the-scenes of the agency. Bradley is the co-host of the “Insurance Guys Podcast” one of the most listened to podcasts in the insurance industry which is featured on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, and iHeart Radio. Through his podcast, Bradley has interviewed hundreds of influential individuals including Gary Vaynerchuk, Dave Meltzer, and Jesse Cole.





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