Benefits For Professionals

James K. Ruble Seminars offer a variety of substantial sessions that feature high-level information on important insurance and risk issues to serve the complex interests of our members.

What’s in it for You?

Access to the latest marketplace and industry concerns
Seminars that can be customized to fit your professional and personal interests
Networking opportunities with colleagues, new friends, and industry practitioners
Specialized, challenging topics with real-world applications for dues-paid designees
Practical, market-focused update and CE Credit

What’s in it for Your Agency or Company?

  • Better business written for company partners and associates
  • Contact with new ideas and input from top industry experts
  • Business growth with advanced methods and increased contacts
  • Know-how to leverage major industry changes

What’s in it for Your Clients?

New strategies and concepts to provide top-notch client protection
Targeted methods and applications to profile specialized needs, risks, and remedies
A relationship built on advanced knowledge of exposures and solid best practices
Information on emerging issues and new approaches nationwide