As we continue to look for ways to collaborate and grow with our participants and members, we invite you to become a part of our new Spotlight program, allowing us to shine a light on your activities, achievements, and personal stories.

January 2018—Dr. Hold and Bettie Meet with Rockport, TX, CIC

Travis McDavid, CIC, Vice President of GSM Insurors, visited The National Alliance’s headquarters in Austin, TX, and met with Dr. William T. Hold, CIC, CPCU, CLU, President of The National Alliance, and with Bettie Duff, Senior Vice President and CIC Secretary.

2017—Outstanding CSR of the Year®

Ms. Brianne Head, CIC, CRIS, Director of Client Services for Independent Insurance Group, Inc., in Dallas, Texas, is the winner of the Outstanding CSR of the Year® Award. This is the most recognized and distinguished honor available to insurance customer service representatives. An official presentation of both of Ms. Head’s state and national awards was made at the Dallas MEGA in October 2017.

Ms. Head was chosen from a field of 37 state winners by the Society of Certified Insurance Services Representatives (CISR) and the Society of Certified Insurance Counselors (CIC). Five finalists were picked from the state winners by a select panel of judges who evaluated them based on their participation in the insurance community and the impact and creativity of their essays. The topic was: A friend who is a CSR has come to you for advice about a new customer service job in an agency in another city. What five factors about the employer and the position would you advise them to consider before accepting the job?

In her essay Ms. Head writes, “Ensuring the overall office culture and atmosphere align with your personal needs will equate to a happier you. This information can be gleaned through several avenues: social media, the interview process, and tenure of both past and present employees—all can provide valuable insight. . . An old adage alleges that people leave bosses, not jobs; I believe people leave cultures that do not align with personal beliefs, needs and desires.”

1,000th CISR Elite

Michelle McGee has worked in the insurance industry since 2005, starting at a small agency as an office assistant. Her coworkers often told her about how they enjoyed long and fulfilling careers in the insurance industry. Her agency was also extremely supportive of employees advancing their training and career. Motivated by her peers, Michelle was trained and licensed within a year.

Since then, she has worked exclusively in Personal Lines, first as a personal lines assistant and then as a producer/consultant. Once she moved to an insurance agency that was part of a credit union, she learned to work within multiple states, with a diverse clientele, and with even more companies and products.

Michelle is invested in increasing her experience and knowledge base and takes advantage of the many classes and designation courses available to her and continues to work on earning designations. She recently earned her CISR Elite distinction, a program that allowed her to increase her knowledge and become more of an asset to her agency, co-workers, and clients.

She said, "The best moments in my career have always been when I've been able to use the education I've received to educate and help others."

Congratulations, Michelle!