Starting Points: A Principal of Power


Tune in as Host, Bob Rogers CLU, ChFC; interviews Dustyne Bryant, MBA, CIC, CISR; and Dave Murphy about the intrinsic value of a starting point and how beginnings can often be the catalysts an insurance agent needs to level up. You know Dustyne from our Awkward Insurance Podcast. Dave serves on the Board of Directors and is the Vice President and speaker for Global Leadership Partners, a global nonprofit leadership training organization.

In this podcast, Dave tells us how the backstory to every starting point is made up of imagination, intuition, inventiveness, and inquisition. We get deep and reflect on how every aspect of human existence requires a starting point to make progress and evolve. Is there truth to the countless self-help books that tell us that small improvements can compound into great changes? Can starting points get us closer to our goals and objectives? Listen now to find out!

About our Guest: Dave Murphy

After 37 years of working in Financial Services, David decided it was time to share the training, development, and experiences that have helped him succeed in his career and to encourage others who are just starting out or wanting to grow. David primarily works in Eastern Europe and speaks to business groups and university students. 

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