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Our courses and designation programs provide in-depth product and technical information to help you provide exceptional account management and maintain fruitful client relationships.

What does an Account Manager do?

Also known as Customer Service Representatives, Customer Service Agents, Account Representatives, and Account Executives, Account Managers are an integral part of an agency’s frontline staff.  Frontline staff are responsible for servicing and maintaining existing accounts. They quote new lines of insurance, handle all policy inquiries and changes, and ensure that all information on an account is correct and up-to-date. They prepare and complete applications and follow up on needed information.

Because they are often the primary contact person for the insured, effective Account Managers must have strong technical coverage expertise and exceptional customer service skills. Courses and designation programs from The National Alliance help frontline staff build and maintain positive relationships with both carriers and clients.

The Account Manager Learning Path

Designed to guide you toward a higher level of expertise, this free learning path from The National Alliance is meant for risk and insurance professionals at any stage of their career.

Download your learning path, choose the experience level appropriate for you, and get closer to achieving a thriving career.

Don’t Fail Clients or Lose Accounts

Account Managers without an education from The National Alliance may leave clients exposed to risks. Without the in-depth product and technical knowledge gained from our courses, Account Managers may struggle to build trust with clients and negatively affect their agency’s book of business.

Practical Technical Education for Account Managers

We offer the industry’s best practical and technical education available to Account Managers.  All courses are taught by active industry professionals and include real-world scenarios and case studies so you can put your knowledge to use immediately.

We want to help you build long-lasting relationships with clients and stay ahead of industry trends and the emerging risks that are constantly evolving in our dynamic market. 

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Invest In Your Professional Development

Your agency and clients depend on you. And although it is difficult to decide what professional development to pursue, our Account Manager Learning Path is designed to guide you toward the next steps of a thriving life-long career. 

Finding Professional Development Should Not be Challenging or Time Consuming

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For over 50 years, our designations have been regarded throughout the industry as symbols of trust. Our practical insurance and risk management courses are taught by active insurance practitioners, include polices and forms currently used in the field, and guide you through real-world scenarios to give you a deep understanding of what your clients are facing today. The knowledge and skills you develop in any one of our courses or designation programs can be put to use immediately and make your career soar.

Whether you are new to your career or a seasoned professional, The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research will guide you toward a thriving career.

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