The Research Academy

The National Alliance Research Academy—known for publishing practical learning guides based on timely surveys and solid research protocols—brings you current trends, relevant data, and valuable reference materials to support your success.

The Academy is a non-profit corporation funded entirely through publication sales and affiliation dues. Serving as the research and development branch of The National Alliance, The Academy conducts and promotes practical research on all aspects of the risk management and insurance industry and publishes its findings in studies and guides designed to provide critical data and advice for agencies, companies, and professionals.

The Academy also assists educational institutions in their efforts to attract new people into the risk management and insurance industry through the University Associate Programs (UACRM and UACIC). These programs encourage college students to become active and engaged members of the insurance and risk management community prior to their graduation.

The Academy is very proud to have the support of these fine organizations—our Research Associates. Their contributions help drive The Academy’s research activities which, in turn, benefit industry practitioners across the nation. We are pleased to showcase these organizations and thank them for their continuing support.

Our Research Associates