Tort Liability: COVID- 19 Tort Liability Immunity


Many states are enacting legislation which provides immunity from tort liability for COVID_19 related illnesses. Several states have passed laws limiting legal liability for healthcare facilities, nursing homes and health care workers, with certain restrictions. Others have passed laws granting immunity to those business and some to an even wider range of employers and businesses. For example, North Carolina includes grocery stores and restaurants. These laws take into consideration the employer’s conduct in providing a safe environment and not recklessly, willfully, or intentionally exposing customers, clients, or their employees to COVID-19.

Here are few:

Arizona  Executive Order 2020-27  

Connecticut  Executive Order 7-U

Illinois  Executive Order 2020-19



New Jersey  

New York

This trend continues almost daily.  Be sure to check your individual state’s laws before advising clients or making decisions.

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