Understanding the Price Sensitive Insured

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Ryan Hanley shares tips, tricks, and tools for explaining coverage to an insured. We cover the importance of educating the insured on what they are paying for and the benefits of higher limits. Ryan explains how insurance agents are perceived, representing both cost and bad events that may occur. Our industry is underappreciated but that does not make us any less important. We dive into what it truly means to take care of the insured’s best interest even though they may see you as a “necessary evil”. Insurance is the bedrock of the economy and is the foundation that enables every business to take the risks needed to innovate. Ryan leaves us with advice for the next generation of insurance professionals, speaking to the need to have respect for our industry, and an overview of why some Insurtech’s have failed. This is an episode you don’t want to miss!

Ryan Hanley is the founder and president of Rogue Risk, a national, tech-enabled independent insurance agency helping small businesses put their insurance on autopilot. Ryan is also the creator of The Ryan Hanley Show, the insurance industry’s most popular podcast. Ryan has performed over 200 keynotes to insurance audiences over the last decade, helping independent insurance agents across the country digitize their business. https://ryanhanley.com – podcast https://roguerisk.com – website

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