Virtual Professionals – A Solution for the Insurance Industry?

S2E8 Awkward Insurance

The insurance industry talent pool is turning into a talent puddle. Awkward Insurance hosts, Dustyne Bryant and Cat Ferris talk with Monica Adwani, CPIA about how virtual assistants—or virtual professionals—could be helpful to the industry. 

Monica, a managing partner at Savvital and the podcast host of TranscendwithM, oozes passion for helping small business owners, independent agencies, and other entrepreneurs reach operational excellence. Monica shares what professionals should look out for if they are considering becoming virtual professionals, while Cat and Dustyne hypothesize how CISR Highschool and UACIC or UACRM College students might be able to be a part of the virtual assistance movement. This is not a temp agency mentality; these are true professionals capable of being vital long-term team members.

Stay tuned for the end of the episode when the ladies talk about the empowerment Monica receives from helping strong women explore their personal stories on TranscendwithM Podcast.

Learn more about recent efforts to change Insurance Education for a new generation.

Monica Adwani Headshot

Monica Adwani, CPIA 

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and moved to Massachusetts in 2007. I graduated with multiple degrees in Information Management, Medical Coding, and Business Management from the InterAmerican University of P.R. and then Fisher College, Boston. 

My education and curious mind were the catalysts that opened the doors to the Insurance Industry. By supporting a group of researchers, consultants, trainers, and experts in the areas of Commercial Transportation, Ergonomics, Innovation, and Human Factors; I fell in love with insurance and knew very early this was going to be my forever career. The opportunity to work with this group of Doctors, Researchers and Field Experts allowed me to learn, build confidence, polish my language skills, creating the environment and experience for me to find something I could be and feel passionate about. So, unlike most people, I didn’t start in Sales, Service, or Management. I was just a medical nerd with a passion for Organizational Phycology.

Now, fifteen years later I have experienced many realms of the Industry from Fortune 500 to Independently Own Agencies. I am passionate about Sales, Service, Claims, and especially Operational Excellence. I have a keen eye for behaviors, process, accountability, and efficiency. I hope that my skills and expertise can help many entrepreneurs out there reach new heights by learning new and more efficient ways of leading, learning, and operating their businesses. 

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