We Didn’t Start The Fire…It Was A Gender Reveal Party


Tune in as host, Dustyne Bryant, MBA, CIC, CISR and Personal Lines Academic Director for The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research interviews Mary-Katherine Henderson, CIC and The National Outstanding CSR of year for 2019 about when gender reveal parties go wrong and end up in flames.

Wildfires happen every year but have been astonishingly frequent recently. This past September, one of the most destructive wildfires to date was started by a gender reveal party in California. This particular wildfire has destroyed over 10,000 acres, displaced over 21,000 people, and resulted in the death of a firefighter. How can insurance help situations like these?

Insurance professionals helping folks with this kind of trouble must ensure that they understand the coverage they’re selling. Many insurance companies have started segmenting endorsements to help tailor coverage as much as possible. Are you sure you’ve got the right replacement costs for your clients? Do you just skim through replacement cost estimators?

We all know there’s not one policy that’s covers everything. So when writing the right limits for your client, remember it’s not just for the claim, it’s also for retention and relationships. But most importantly, it’s for peace of mind, the whole reason they’re buying the coverage from you in the first place.

Tune into this lively discussion to learn how you can provide better coverage and support for you clients and agency.

About our Host: Dustyne Bryant, CIC, CISR, MBA

Dustyne Bryant, Personal Lines Academic Director at The National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research, is a self-professed and colleague–backed wholehearted Personal Lines Insurance geek. Supported by multiple degrees and designations over the course of a decade and rising, her thirst for knowledge is never ending and ever growing. Her passion for educating others in Personal Insurance, is even greater. She is an advocate of permanency for children in foster care and relishes all the joys of being a soccer mom, minus the minivan.  Learn More!

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