What is Sales Velocity and How Does Your Agency Compare?


The Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (the Big “I”) publishes the annual Best Practices Study (BPS) which delivers critical financial and operational industry benchmarks to member agencies like Agency Sales Velocity.  

Sales Velocity is a critical metric in determining organic growth and is an excellent measure of an agency’s success in writing new business. It is defined as this year’s written new business divided by last year’s commissions and fees.  

Along with the Age Banding of Sales Velocity, firms can assess where new business and growth are coming from and prepare for perpetuation. The Age Banding of Sales Velocity takes it a step further by showing Sales Velocity contributions by different producer age groupings (35 and under, 36-45, 46-55, over 55).  

 See how it compares across different revenue categories:







Do you want to improve your agency’s sales performance? Learn from Sales Masters and improve your sales velocity by taking the Dynamics of Selling course.  

Dynamics Producer Coaching Program

The 8-week Dynamics Producer Coaching course teaches insurance agents of all levels how to gain confidence and sell insurance successfully. Through both instructor-led and open-forum sessions, all in a safe, virtual environment, producers will learn new and relevant methods for building relationships with ideal clients, find accountability for their progress towards meeting goals, and build a community of peers to support a growing insurance career.  

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