Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR)

The Certified Insurance Service Representative Program is a nationally recognized and highly respected insurance designation for insurance customer representatives dedicated to superior customer service and client relationships. Earners of the CISR designation are recognized for their well-rounded knowledge of the insurance industry. CISRs possess a working knowledge of commercial and personal lines coverages, exposures, and technical information, as well as risk management concepts and high-level guidelines for how to successfully run an insurance agency. CISRs raise the standard for providing expert customer service across the insurance and risk management industry.

  • Technical insurance knowledge in personal and commercial lines, life and health and risk management
  • Account management
  • Sales and service expertise
  • Errors & Omissions awareness and reduction
  • Ability to problem solve through P&C challenges.
  • Claims management processes
  • Customer retention
  • Agency Operations
  • Complete five 7-hour CISR courses and corresponding exams within 3 calendar years

  • Achieve a minimum score of 70% on each 1-hour, 50-question, multiple-choice exam, taken at the end of each course; and

  • Fulfill an update requirement by taking 7 hours in supplementary courses each year.

What my CISR designation
means to you

As my client, I believe that you deserve the highest level of professional service! I am here to answer your questions, to be your advocate, and to help you with your claim. I want to be a valued partner, and I truly care about my relationship with you and the trust you have placed in me. In a world filled with risks and exposures, you may often have questions about your coverage. I care about knowing the right answers to your questions and about being there for you in your time of need. Your experience with our insurance agency and the companies we represent should be positive, and you should have access to the most current industry information. Understanding your needs is my top priority! Helping you protect your organization and livelihood is what I’m all about.

My agency sent me to the CISR (Certified Insurance Service Representative) program because they have the highest standards for customer service. My CISR designation indicates that I have a comprehensive understanding of risks and exposures. I attend continuing education courses every year to upgrade my knowledge and skills to ensure that you always receive the attention, care, and current information necessary to make your coverage decisions.

CISR is a designation recognized in all 50 states and world-wide. The CISR designation and lapel pin are marks of distinction that demonstrate my commitment to exceptional service and leadership in the insurance industry. I am proud to be among 28,000 CISRs in the world “all who have completed five courses and examinations” the best and most knowledgeable insurance practitioners!

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