Certified Personal Risk Manager (CPRM)

The Certified Personal Risk Manager Program is the insurance and risk management industries’ leading professional designation for agents, brokers, and insurance companies working with the specialized market segment of high-net-worth clients. Earners of the CPRM designation are recognized for their customer service expertise and commitment to their niche clientele. CPRMs possess extensive knowledge about insurance technicalities, risk management, and account development methods specific to the high-net-worth customer base. CPRMs have mastered the unique liability and property exposures associated with lifestyles of affluent clients and have developed advanced approaches to manage these complex risks.

  • Risk management

  • Account management

  • Service and sales expertise

  • Claims management

  • Frontline underwriting

  • Creative problem solving for the affluent client

  • Customer retention

  • Farm, ranch, and equine knowledge

  • Non admitted markets knowledge

  • Complete five 16-hour CPRM courses and corresponding exams within 5 calendar years

  • Achieve a minimum score of 70% on each two-hour essay-style exam, taken at the end of each course; and

  • Fulfill an update requirement by taking 16 hours in supplementary courses each year.

What my CPRM Designation Means to My Clients

The insurance and risk management field is transforming as new, complicated risks and exposures come to light, and my clients are understandably concerned about those risks. This is especially true for my high-net-worth and affluent clients who feel unsettled by all of the risk challenges that are associated with their lifestyles. My high-profile clients know that in the achievement of my Certified Personal Risk Manager (CPRM) designation, I acquired a wealth of concise and relevant knowledge on underwriting and managing a high-net-worth personal risk management portfolio.

My high-net-worth clients expect that I can augment their liability protections, because I demonstrate my understanding of their lifestyles through the careful development of a personal risk management strategy. The CPRM course of study and the acquisition of the designation gave me a newfound confidence that puts my clients at ease. The CPRM designation shows them that they can trust my awareness of emerging risks so that I may better serve their complex needs.

The CPRM designation and the pin I proudly wear are marks of distinction that demonstrate my commitment to professional excellence and leadership in the insurance and risk management industry. Participation in the CPRM Program is an invaluable experience that can provide a foundation, not only for those beginning a career in this field, but also for seasoned professionals who want to expand their range. I am proud to be among this forward-thinking, elite group, and my clients know that I will keep them up-to-date with innovative risk management and insurance solutions!

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