Women Insurance Producers: An Interview with Joan Sansing, CIC, ARM, AAI

Tune in as Dustyne Bryant interviews Joan Sansing CIC, ARM, AAI about what it takes to be a successful female insurance producer. In addition to being a top producer herself, Joan was the national sales manager with Wells Fargo insurance services, Senior VP at Tanenbaum Harbor in Florida, Senior VP at Cbus as well as former captain in the United States army.

In this podcast, Joan tells us what she’s learned from a career of placing and qualifying brand new producer candidates in independent agencies and what she thinks can encourage more women to become insurance producers. Do you have the mindset needed to succeed as a woman in insurance? Listen now to find out.

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1 thought on “Women Insurance Producers: An Interview with Joan Sansing, CIC, ARM, AAI

  1. I have been a Insured Agent for 24 year and have always sold Commercial Insurance.
    It never occurred to me that anyone would not consider doing business with me due to my gender. If you are going up against an incumbent agent – male or female – the more you know in this industry, the better you will do and it can really pay off. I have found the more sophisticated the account the more prepared you need to be. A nice smile or a pleasant personality will help get your foot in the door – male or female – but when it comes time to place the business that owner needs to know you have his back if he trust you with his livelihood.

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