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This Study Guide has been prepared to enhance your learning experience. It contains all of the Check-in questions, Knowledge Checks, and Self-Quizzes contained within the course, along with an Answer Key and Glossary. Use it as a tool to help practice and assess your knowledge of the course material, but do not mistake it for a comprehensive “short- cut” to preparing for the final exam.

Be sure to take a look at the section, “Resources,” that follows the Answer Key in this Study Guide. It contains valuable suggestions for test preparation and study techniques, as well as some sample exam questions and a glossary of terms.

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Section 1 – Workers' Compensation and Employers' Liability

Section 1.2: Who is NCCI?

Section 1.3: Disability Benefits

Section 1.3: Employers Liability Claims

Section 1.3: How Other States Coverage Works

Section 1.3: Federal Compensation Laws

Section 2 – Introduction to Business Auto Coverage

Section 2.1: What is an Auto?

Section 2.1: Mastering Business Auto Coverage

Section 2.1: Covered Pollution Cost and Expense

Section 2.1: Diminution of Value

Section 2.2: Covered Auto Symbols

Section 2.2: Who is Covered on the BAP

Section 2.2: What is Negligence

Section 2.2: When the Insurance Company Settles a Claim

Section 2.2: Handling of Property

Section 2.2: The Operations Exclusion

Section 2.3: Why Specified Causes of Loss

Section 2.3: Loss Conditions

Section 2.3: Premium Audits

Section 3 – Excess Liability and Commercial Umbrella Policies

Section 3: How much liability insurance is enough?

Section 3: Maintenance of Underlying Limits

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